From a very early age, I’ve felt called to becoming a birth Doula, but didn’t yet have the words. Growing up in the Seattle Area with two teen parents, two younger brothers and seeing the trials that come with that dynamic, molded the way I approach family-both professionally and personally in adulthood. My village of caretakers - aunts, grandparents, and close family friends - shaped the passion I have for promoting unique and judgment-free family dynamics. My Mom was a huge source of inspiration for me growing up. Watching her move through the world, young and self-taught, fueled a lot of the independent mindset I operate within today.

It was during my first job as a professional nanny, that I began putting my pull to supporting families, to use. I gained extensive knowledge and experience in infant care, which deepened my outlook on the parenthood/work/life balance. When I enrolled at Seattle University, I knew my marketing path was not my calling and that my desire to assist Mothers in their journey was more important. Pushing through and graduating from Seattle University provided me with the confidence and knowledge to address the social, racial, and economic disparities in our community. Knowing these issues are also present in the birth world and, being a young birth worker of color, I knew my passions and education could contribute in the growth of this divine community.

    As a doula, I understand that giving birth is a life-changing moment and I bring an affirming, calm, and comfortable energy to the process. It’s my mission to give you as much kindness and knowledge as every person deserves. Making sure your village is strong and equipped to join you in early childbearing is my mission. This is fit to your personal needs and it is my objective to make sure that your birthing process is one that you hold dearly in memory, that you feel proud of your entry point into parenthood.  

Certification and Trainings

  • Certified Birth Doula, Dona International, 2018

  • Journey Through the Pelvis, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • Rebozo Uses for Labor and Birth, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • TENS Unit, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • Placenta Encapsulation, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • Supporting Families in Grief, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • Breastfeeding Resources & Skills, Big Belly Services, 2018

  • Birth Doula Training, Big Belly Services, 2018