The Ultimate Graphic Tee: "Ovaries Project"

It’s no secret I have crazy respect for the fashion and art world so naturally when I saw this amazing uterus shirt, it had to be mine. The shirt is apart of the “Ovaries Project”, a collaboration between designer Delfina Balda and artist Patricia Iglesias that promotes the power of the female reproductive system. Both stand for empowering women, especially during their journey to motherhood.  

The bold illustration speaks to me as a powerful symbol for health, femininity and expression. It really reminds me of the special community that comes along with being a doula and how connecting socially over creative expression, can fuel the passion. Anything that  normalizes and highlights the beauty of birth, helps to defeat the weird notion our culture has created around birth being gross or hidden. I’m always going to be that person that votes for bellies out, nursing in public, and wearing a vagina shirt. HA!

If you find yourself questioning if a $70 tee is worth it, part of the proceeds go towards Circle of Health International- a nonprofit that provides maternal care to those in need, world wide.