Self Care. Because Adult Tantrums are Real


I will just start out by saying that I am the emotional one of my family. Period. I texted my middle brother a few weeks ago, he’s busy doing his thing or whatever and I say, “Do you ever just cry for no reason?”  He responded with, “What do you mean? No.” Ha. He's been dealing with my vague questions for 22 years but he basically got to talking about how he schedules his days down to his personal free time. Wise middle child, I know.  Somehow I ended up a larger crybaby than both of my younger siblings.. No one faults me for it, they’re just not surprised when the stress boils over on to something small.

Anyway, after texting with Elijah, it became apparent that I needed to make some changes to my day-to-day. I started thinking and realized I had to make a deal to be a doula to myself for at least one hour a day. This meant scheduling a specific time to spend with myself doing something that was not Instagram scrolling, errand running or cleaning. It all seems like a no brainer because I work in a support role but it's easy to forget to support myself. As a young business owner, it’s even easier to grind through the days without resting. The struggle can be glamorous, right?

Well skipping out on myself is not an option anymore. I know this sounds dorky but I finally feel so good this week.  I’ve found myself taking walks outside, getting lost in bookstores, and revisiting art galleries. It’s all so small but already that’s eight hours of clarity I prioritized. It’s hard to just sit down and flip through a magazine but I did and let me tell you,  the latest issue of Nylon is great.  My pointtt is that self-care is different for each person but for me, it’s simple and consistent. Like right now, I’m signing off to plant shop...alone. Romance :)