Dear Cardamom Talks Series One: Noelle Woche


Coast & Stellen

9 months old

What does a day in the life of Noelle look like? 

(This is A weekday with just me taking care of them. On weekends daddy watches them and does this whole routine-minus the target and add in the watching sports and movies with them. )

My babies wake up in their crib, if they’re not already in my bed from the middle of the night wake up. They wake around 7, which is too early in my personal opinion, lol! Working on that! Then we go in the kitchen eat a banana or some fruit, usually listen to hip-hop, unless they’re already acting super feisty, than I make them listen to trip-hop. A little more chill for them. Then it’s time for a nap, and Mama needs another cup of coffee.


When they wake up, we go do something. Sometimes it’s Target, sometimes it’s the beach park we live by, sometimes a girlfriend comes over, sometimes nothing at all. Later we come home, eat dinner types of food (avocado toast, brown rice noodles, always something healthy for my babies).

Then after all that is done (this is all completely give or take because each day is so different, and I’m on their schedule) we start that bedtime routine. Bath, feeding, books. We do this around 7:00 PM and if I’m lucky, they’re both asleep by 9:00 PM. But that almost never happens. HA

What stands out most about your birth experience? Positives//negatives?

I had an amazing birth! I had to have a c section, but with so much positive energy and support it was amazing for me personally! And honestly, people give women such a hard time for having c-sections, but sometimes you have no choice, and that’s okay. Everyone’s experience is different. 

What does motherhood mean to you?  

It means sleepless nights in exchange for the deepest love you will ever feel. It means your life changing forever, and giving up a lot, but gaining SO much more in return.  


What inspires you as a mom?

My mom is an incredibly strong individual and definitley an inspiration to me. And their daddy finds a way to make even the most mundane day fun. That is inspiring to me. Keeps me going. Also other cool moms are inspiring, always! 

Any advice on labor to expecting moms? 

Get lash extensions!! Haha no but really, I just wish I would’ve thought to get a doula earlier in my pregnancy. It would’ve been amazing to have one woman going through all the motions with me from day 1.